Combinatorics Research Group
Shahid Beheshti University

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Welcome to the Combinatorics Research Group at Shahid Beheshti University. This research group carries out research in the areas of combinatorics. The combinatorics research group is interested in all mathematical problems of a discrete nature. Especially the research  interests are as follows:

Probabilistic methods in combinatorics, algebraic combinatorics, topological combinatorics, graph colorings,  coding theory, combinatorial algorithms, and their interconnections.

We are very interested in interacting with the research and academic community. In fact, we run the Combinatorics  Research Seminar where you can tell us about your interesting new results. We also run a regular Combinatorics Reading Group to discuss recent published work in the combinatorics  area. Meetings of the Reading Group are usually open to visitors as well.

  Weekly Seminars
  Second SBU Combinatorics Day (2SBUCD)
  Past Events:
  Workshop On Topological Combinatorics
  First SBU Combinatorics Day (1SBUCD)